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Congratulations Jenny Elfsberg, Doctor of Philosophy!

Jenny Elfsberg successfully defended her PhD thesis “Innovation Engineering in Practice: Bridging Exploration and Exploitation in Large Manufacturing Incumbents” in front of some 60 people in the room and online and after thorough questioning by the opponent Professor Martin Steinert (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) and the grading...

ME310 21-22 at ConExpo in Las Vegas

With the challenge of making alternative energy sources available on construction sites where there is no formal infrastructure, the mixed BTH and Stanford crew, together with Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Group, set out to explore solutions!

ISRU – Lunar mining and in-situ resource utilization | 2022-2023

The project will evaluate prospecting in lunar orbit and on the surface.  The study will consider mining and construction capabilities as well as in-situ processing of resources. The project is funded by Canadian Space Agency. Project info BTH project leader: Professor Tobias Larsson Time span: 2022-2023 Funding: $248,000 (Canadian Space Agency) Partners: Related links

Uppfinnare för en dag – Hyperloop pod designers!

Produktutvecklingslabbet bjöd in till en eftermiddag i Karlskrona Makerspace där ungdomar fick delta i årets sportlovsaktivitet; att i team klura på design av en pod för Hyperloop och sedan implementera sina idéer.


Abstract Prototypes are an established tool for rapidly increasing learning, communication and decision making rationale for design projects. The proven success has spawned a litany of approaches and methods for building and planning the efficient planning and construction of prototypes. Translating these methods into simple usable tools to assist novice...

Model-Driven Product Service Systems design: the Model-Driven Development and Decision Support (MD3S) approach

Abstract: The paper presents a Model-Driven approach for Product-Service System (PSS) Design promoting an increased digitalization of the PSS design process based on the combination of data-driven design (DDD) activities and value-driven design (VDD) methods. The approach is the results of an 8-year long research profile named (omitted for blind...

The influence of industry 4.0 on product design and development: Conceptual foundations and literature review

Abstract Since its introduction in 2011, industry 4.0 has been coined the“4th industrial revolution” following mechanization, industrialization and IT/automation as the first three, and represents the current trend of automation technologies (cyber‐physical systems, internet of things, cloudcomputing, etc.,) in the manufacturing industry, with their potential for disruption of the manufacturing...