Massimo Panarotto

BTH PDRL at the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design 2017

“Good design is elegant, effective, efficient and simple. How can we teach that spirit, learn that ethic, embrace it culturally and plan for its sustainability?” is the introduction to this year’s International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED, which will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

BTH PDRL at the 9th CIRP IPSS Conference

In their editorial, Tim McAloone, Daniela Pigosso, Niels Henrik Mortensen and Yoshiki Shimomura remind us that the philosophy behind in Industrial Product Service Systems is to create customer-oriented solutions that function for longer and thus increase resource productivity, minimise resource consumption and enhance the ultimate value-add to the end user.

Radical Innovation Workshop; Applied healthcare and wearables

Globally, healthcare is under great pressure as the population increases; we live longer. In 2020 there will be more than 7.6 billion people. If the trend continues, a large percentage have problems with health. More than 30 percent of the world population are exercising too little, 20 percent are overweight...

Näringslivsdagen 2016

I BTH:s monter under näringslivsmässan visade forskare upp några delar av BTH:s verksamhet. Bland annat visades 3D-spelproduktion (Stefan Petersson), 3D-printing och ”augmented reality” via Microsoft Hololens upp (Johan Wall, Christian Johansson, Ryan Ruwald, Tobias Larsson) och besökarna fick även testa den nya tekniken.

The state of Product Service System Research – IPSS 2016

The 8th CIRP IPSS CONFERENCE Product-Service Systems across Life Cycle was held 20-21 June 2016 in Bergamo (Italy). PDRL participated with 4 papers and a keynote. The conference in total had 95 papers and about 130 participants, all glad to see the large industry participation. Industry is getting keen on understanding how they...

PDRL at the 8th CIRP IPS2 Conference

The 8th CIRP IPS2 conference will kick-off this weekend with a Welcome reception at Chiostro Santa Marta, in the beautiful city of Bergamo, in Northern Italy CIRP IPS2 is a major yearly event for PDRL. The conference gathers researchers worldwide to share theoretical and practical experiences showing that transition towards Industrial Product-Service System....