Value Driven Design

Volvo Innovation Days 2019

Volvo held Innovation Days 2019 at the Volvo site in Wroclaw October 8-9. With Volvo being one of the core research partners BTH participated with keynotes, presentations and workshops in the conference where both presentations and poster exhibitions of innovation efforts within the company was displayed.

The decision theater, transforming data into knowledge in conceptual design

One success factor in engineering design is the ability to make effective and risk-managed decisions in a timely manner. Rarely is a single person sufficient to resolve today’s complex, connected issues. Rather, a group of stakeholders possessing required expert knowledge needs to be enrolled as these issues normally requires a...

EVOKE – Early Value-Oriented Design Concept Evaluation

Value creation is the end-game solution of product and service design. Yet, ‘value’ is difficult to measure, because it goes beyond manufacturing and usage cost to include a lot of subjective, intangible and tacit concepts. EVOKE is a method to keep focus on value generation throughout the design process, since...

Mining data to design value: a demonstrator in early design

ABSTRACT The paper presents a study run to verify the applicability of data mining algorithms as decision support in early design stages of a product development project. The paper describes a two-stage scenario providing the rationale for the application of data science in engineering design. Furthermore, it describes a demonstrator...

BTH PDRL at the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design 2017

“Good design is elegant, effective, efficient and simple. How can we teach that spirit, learn that ethic, embrace it culturally and plan for its sustainability?” is the introduction to this year’s International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED, which will be held in Vancouver, Canada.