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Re-thinking virtual teams for streamlined development

Abstract   Keywords Reference Larsson, A., T. Larsson, O. Isaksson, N. Bylund (2008), Rethinking virtual teams for streamlined development. In: Virtual technologies : concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications. / ed. Jerzy Kisielnicki. Information Science Reference, 2008. 19 p. Download paper Buy book from Amazon: Rethinking virtual teams for streamlined development  

New research project within the MERA programme

New research project within the MERA programme

LTU fick ett nytt forskningsprojekt beviljat inom MERA-programmet (kallades innan Trollhätte-paketet) som syftar till att stärka svensk fordonsindustris konkurrenskraft. Projektet heter “Digitalt Länkad Processtyrning – Erfarenhetsåterkoppling DLP-E” och har Volvo Aero Corporation som huvudsökande. Partners är LTU, Volvo Aero, KTH, Högskolan Väst, Volvo Powertrain, Innovatum AB, UGS, Hexagon Metrology, Zooma by Semcon AB, Erixon och Bonthron, Celero. Projektets totala budget...

Service Concept Design | 2005-2007

National Aviation Engineering Research Programme Project: V4401 – Service Concept Design 2005-2007 (finalized) PROJECT SUMMARY The project aim at strengthen the aerospace industry competence within Functional Product Development. The approach is activity based modelling, simulation and visualization of hardware based services in the concept phase of the product development process. PROJECT INFORMATION Role: Project leader and supervisor Type: PhD research...

Design for Fabrication | 2002-2005

VINNOVA programme “Effective Product Development” 2002-2005 (finalized) PROJECT SUMMARY The conceptual design phase is the perhaps most important phase, determining most functions and cost of the forthcoming product. Knowing that the concepts to a large extend also sets the manufacturing conditions; it is critical to take manufacturing process information into account in earliest possible stages. This project aims at providing...