VINNOVA Challenge Driven Innovation Programme

2012-2014 (ongoing)


Medical imaging is facing major challenges. The demographic and geographic structure needs to be addressed with new approaches and services. Digitalisation has been ongoing for over 10 years, but there is still great potential to be exploited in sharing capacity and expertise. This project focuses on this potential.

The project will analyze more effective forms of collaboration, working in networks. The issue is complex in nature as it spans over different health care providers, specialties and processes. It also covers a number of areas such as technology, patient safety, legal and regulatory requirements.

Making experts available to more than one care giver at a time, will result in benefits that we can assess today, but it will also create new structures and opportunities in medical imaging that can not be predicted.

The project results in a concept, tested in a pilot, within three major scenarios, access to capacity, peer nodes and multi-disciplinary teams. This will be available for healthcare to apply on various forms of medical imaging.

Today, there are no known initiatives that links technology with interaction, legal and commercial considerations. The potential is great, internationally, as medical imaging requires increasing resources for efficient and quality care.

The long term effects are:

  • Higher and more consistent level of diagnostics, regardless of location
  • Faster implementation of new evidence based medicine
  • Increased opportunities for high-quality diagnostics in smaller communities
  • Efficiency and reduced costs
  • Less traveling for patients and specialists


Role: Applicant, board member.
Keywords: E-health, product-service innovation, needfinding, wellbeing
Application area: Healthcare
Time frame: 2012-2014
Research unit: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Funding: 20 MSEK (10 MSEK VINNOVA Challenge Driven Innovation, 10 MSEK partners)
Partners: RxEye AB (project leaders), Royal Institute of Technology, Blekinge Institute of Technology, County Council of Blekinge, County Council of Stockholm.
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