June 2020

Studentidé blev rullande handskfabrik

Att vara självförsörjande på sjukvårdsartiklar, till exempel engångshandskar, skulle underlätta inom vården. Nu har BTH:s studenter tagit fram en rullande handskfabrik som kan förflyttas mellan olika platser där handskar behövs.

Designing integrated solutions for resource-limited societies

Abstract Poverty is characterized by many different constraints at individual, institutional, economic, and technological levels. To satisfy unmet or underserved needs of people living in poverty, it is essential to address all the relevant constraints in the target context through the design of integrated solutions. Although previous studies in this...

Stanford ME310 project wraps up with EXPE – Online

ReGlove, a circular solution for recycling and remanufacturing Personal Protective Equipment in the form of single-use gloves made from a special form of Polyvinyl alcohol. The solutions consist of machines that are designed to facilitate the loop from cleaning and sterilizing used material to a remanufacturing plant, where the material,...