Applied Modelling and Simulation (7.5 ECTS)

Modeling and Simulation of mechanical and dynamic characteristics of a product are essential for successful product development. Many physical problems can be described by the PDE but only a few can be solved analytically. Different numerical methods have been developed in order to solve these problems. One of these methods is the so-called finite element method based on that the structure to be analyzed is divided into small areas (called finite elements). In product development it is also necessary to predict the dynamic behavior of a product. Modeling and simulation of multiple body dynamics have become increasingly important in product development.

Main objective of the course:
– Understand how the simulation of a product’s behavior can be applied to integrated product development;
– To use the FEM (finite element method) for the simulation of linear static and dynamic problems,
– Use the MBD (Multi-body dynamics) software to simulate multiple body dynamics,
– Providing experience of virtual product development.