Simulation Driven Design ExEd

New products require new and better knowledge of strength, stability etc. Hence functional verification of products already in the conceptual phase of development is of interest. The simulation driven design executive education is focused on the possibilities of rapid validation and possibility to drive designs using simulations.

Previous clients include Siemens Elema, Volvo, Hägglunds Drives, Gestamp Hardtech.


  • Computer Aided Engineering in Product Development
  • Simulation Driven Design approaches
  • Knowledge Automation
  • Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing
3D CAD model of radiology machine used as example in Siemens Elema
3D CAD model of radiology machine  (from Siemens Elema ExEd)

Animation  (from Siemens Elema ExEd case [25MB AVI movie]):