Research rainmaking ExEd

Even if we as researchers want to live in our romantic bubble of doing research and not application writing, attracting funds is a not so small portion of the researchers daily life.

For academic units that wants to bring this competence in early on in their researchers mindset it is good also train theses skills and not only the research skills. To be able to properly “advertise and sell” the research product and its value it is also important to understand how this can be done.

This course contains course literature and seminars in;

  • Research “rainmaking”
  • Research proposal process
  • Strategic research planning
  • Research evaluation process
  • Presentation and writing skills

With a track record of attracting over 700 MSEK in research funding Prof Larsson is well equipped for insights into the area of research funding.

This course has been given in individualized way for the associate professors education at Luleå University of Technology, and for researchers at Blekinge Institute of Technology.