Impacts of project-overload on innovation inside organizations: Agent-based modeling

Farnaz presenting paper in Italy.
Farnaz presenting paper in Italy.

Research paper published in  The International Innovation and Technology Conference, ICTI2012 in Venice, Italy.


Market competition and a desire to gain advantages on globalized market, drives companies towards innovation efforts. Project overload is an unpleasant phenomenon, which is happening for employees inside those organizations trying to make the most efficient use of their resources to be innovative. But what are the impacts of project overload on organization’s innovation capabilities? Advanced engineering teams (AE) inside a major heavy equipment manufacturer are suffering from project overload in their quest for innovation. In this paper, Agent-based modeling (ABM) is used to examine the current reality of the company context, and of the AE team, where the opportunities and challenges for reducing the risk of project overload and moving towards innovation were identified. Project overload is more likely to stifle innovation and creativity inside teams. On the other hand, motivation on proper challenging goals are more likely to help individual to alleviate the negative aspects of low level of project overload.


  • Innovation, Creativity, Project overload, Agent-based modeling


  • Motamediyan, F., A. Thompson, T.C. Larsson (2012). Impacts of project-overload on innovation inside organizations: Agent-based modeling. ICTI 2012 : International Conference on Technology and Innovation, Venice, Italy, November 14-16, 2012.
  • Web page: https://www.waset.org/conferences/2012/venice/icti/index.php

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