Health and Technology for All workshop at BTH!

Break-out group discussions
Break-out group discussions

School of Health held October 27-28 a workshop at BTH to find needs and opportunities for collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology and Linköping University within the field of Applied Health Technology.

The workshop was aimed as an event to exchange information on ongoing activities, and to make a common external analysis of present and future needs and opportunities in applied health technology, focusing on the theme “Health and Technology for all”. They also wanted to find different interaction points in the existing projects anddiscuss the starts of new joint projects.
Participants worked creatively in order to from a common picture of the future challenges and opportunities to create new projects that they then can bring forward together.
Louise Stjernberg, Blekinge Institute of Technology together with Leili Lind, Linköping University, welcomed everyone and Vice-Chancellor Ursula Hass began with a presentation of the participants and the expectations that existed at the event. Then Professor Ingemar Lundström, Linköping University and Professor Johan Berglund, Blekinge Institute of Technology held inspirational sessions on “Health and Technology for all”.

Brainstorming ideas on the whiteboard
Brainstorming ideas on the whiteboard

Professor Tobias C. Larsson (School of Engineering) led the creative workshop based on the current situation (NOW), the future scenario (WOW) and activities to get there (HOW), together with colleagues Massimo Panarotto and Andre Benaim, both PhD candidates with Professor Larsson.

The event attracted some 30 participants, and of these, about one-third from Linköping University.
The invitation for the day can be found here: BTH-HealthTech-Workshop-20111027.
Professor Tobias C. Larsson is chaired professor in Product Innovation at School of Engineering, BTH.