Methods and Tools for Knowledge Sharing in Product Development

The emerging industrial business partnerships, which feature cross-functional and cross-company development efforts, raise the barrier for the establishment of effective knowledge sharing practices in the larger organization. This chapter aims to highlight the role of knowledge as a key enabler for effective engineering activities in the light of such emerging enterprise collaboration models. Knowledge Enabled Engineering (KEE) is presented as an approach to enhance the extended organization’s capability to establish effective collaboration among its parts, in spite of different organizational structures, technologies or processes. KEE is analysed in its constituent parts, highlighting areas, methods and tools that are particularly interesting for leveraging companies’ knowledge sharing capabilities.


  • Product development, knowledge sharing, knowledge enabled engineering


  • Bertoni, M., C. Johansson, T. Larsson (2011). Methods and Tools for Knowledge Sharing in Product Development. In: Innovation in Product Design Eds. Monica Bordegoni, Caterina Rizzi. Springer, 2011, p. 37-53. DOI 10.1007/978-0-85729-775-4_3.
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