Product-Service Innovation workshop and panel session at 2011 World Student Environmental Summit

[2011-05-20] From May 17-22 the World Student Environmental Summit took place at BTH in Karlskrona.

WSES: “The World Student Environmental Summit (WSES) is a student-run convention on fundamental contemporary sustainability issues. It provides a platform for students all over the world to gather together to ask meaningful questions and create solutions towards alternative futures. Top-class personalities from science, humanities and education will join a discussion about economically and socially relevant issues that challenge our sustainable future, with a carefully selected batch of 70 senior and post-graduate students from around the world.”

During the summit Prof Tobias Larsson held a workshop where the participants got some info on product-service innovation, and then got to exercise creative problem solving first-hand.

“Product-Service Innovation for Sustainability – Tobias C. Larsson will start the workshop by presenting the idea behind product-service system innovation, an approach to design that claims to deliver products and solutions that contribute to sustainability. The workshop participants will then do a deep dive into creative problem solving session where they will work with a consumer product to apply the newly required skills.”

During the workshop the participating audience took part in a three-step exercise taking them from abstract level of a situation down to developing a concept that was then presented and discussed. Great energy and participation, all really “played the game” well!





To finalize the day Prof Larsson also participated in the Plenary Panel: “Creating sustainable futures:  Fighting a  losing  battle?”