Lean Innovation workshop at Landstinget Blekinge

[2011-04-17]. A network workshop meeting for “Chefer och Ledare Blekinge” was March 17 held at Kompetenscentrum in Karlskrona. At  this occasion, Professor Tobias Larsson from Blekinge Institute of Technology, was invited to talk about his experiences from research and development in product development that may be beneficial for the County Council of Blekinge. Tobias”packaged” it as a “Lean Innovation” workshop and presented  the challenges to achieve profitability in the development and sale of aircrafts, and the way aerospace companies go about reducing costs, improving efficiency and adding value for customers by focusing customer needs. By consciously working with both efficiency and innovation, manufacturing companies create customer value and new products while improving their delivery capabilities. The more than 30 participants in the meeting had to practice a “Lean game” by assembling flashlights on time as a step to think about the tasks to do, and why, while at the same time considering whether the product can be developed further to facilitate the installation and operation. Tobias also demonstrated practical techniques of Lean and Innovation, which can be used for business development and operations development within the County Council. He then finalized by talking about opportunities to interact with BTH.