Prof Larsson guest speaker at PROTEUS research center meeting

[20110322] PROTEUS – PROduct/service-system Tools for Ensuring User-oriented Service, is an innovation consortium at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU) with the aim “to enable (before, during and after sales) service delivery to be effectively integrated into product development and business creation in the maritime industry“.

The drivers behind the research center is that Danish shipbuilders and manufacturers of marine equipment have enjoyed a strong position on the world market, due to their high level of knowledge and product quality, but, competition is ever-increasing, in a world characterised by intense price competition. Hence, the Danish Maritime branch has expressed a need to enhance and integrate service thinking into business and product development, in a joint effort to enhance its position in the global market. The center has a budget of some 18 MDKK over three years.

Prof Tobias C. Larsson of BTH was invited as a professional in the area of Product/Service System Development and Innovation to talk about experiences from own research together with leading industry. Prof Larsson’s talk on “Experiences from PSS innovation” with examples from aerospace sector was appreciated. With BTH research in the area having a focus on sustainable PSS this was a first step towards deepening the collaboration between BTH and DTU.