Johan Wenngren presents licentiate thesis

[20101220] Johan Wenngren (PhD candidate of Tobias Larsson) on December 20 presented his Licentiate thesis “Teambased Innovation – early problem setting activities in engineering design” in the research subject Functional Product Development. Johan is part of the research project ProViking THINK (Teams for Heterogeneous Innovation Knowledge) and he describes different innovation processes in his thesis. He has focused the technical team and in particular their capabilities to manage both incremental (stepwise) and radical (by leaps) innovation. Associate Professor Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Linköping University, lead the discussions in a very skilful and interesting way that shed light on Johan’s work from more than one perspective.


Professor Tobias C. Larsson is chaired professor, and division head, in Functional Product Development at LTU.