Flygteknik 2010

Ola Isaksson, Tobias Larsson, Marcus Sandberg and Johanna Wallin contributed to the national aero space congress Flygteknik 2010 that was held Oct 18-19, in Stockholm.


Carl Cederström.

Aviation celebrates 100 years in Sweden

100 years have now passed since Baron Carl Cederström flue an airplane in Sweden. To acknowledge this achievement and emphasize the importance of retaining a continuously strong aerospace industry and academy within Sweden, the Flygtekniska föreningen (the Swedish association for aerospace technology) hosted the congress Flygteknik 2010 where national delegates from the Swedish industry and academy (including a few international) were gathered. As one delegate put it: “Looking back on all achievements during the last 100 years with the jet engine and the moon landing for example, we have a great challenge to keep the same development speed.”

From the division of functional product development the follow presentations could be enjoyed:

  • Ola Isaksson – Development of product-service systems: challenges and opportunities for manufacturers in aeronautics
  • Tobias Larsson – CRESCENDO – Collaborative and Robust Engineering using Simulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation
  • Marcus Sandberg – A knowledge-based master-model approach to whole jet engine design
  • Johanna Wallin – Innovation of Product service systems

More info: http://www.ltu.se/research/subjects/product-innovation/Nyheter-och-Aktuellt/Nyhetsarkiv/2010/Flygteknik-2010-1.64854?l=en