NRA Flyg 2010

Professor Tobias Larsson has been a member of the core team behind the recently released national research agenda in aeronautics, “NRA Flyg 2010”, which includes concrete targets for 2020 and 2040 as well as prioritized research areas in aeronautical engineering – both nationally and internationally.

NRA Flyg 2010 is the result of a unique collaboration where companies, academia and institutes – together with relevant governmental agencies – have aligned themselves with respect to the future of Swedish aeronautical research. The research agenda aims to create a shared national perspective on the goals, direction and scope of Swedish aeronautical research.

Apart from LTU, the following organizations have taken part in the creation of the research agenda: VINNOVA, FMV, FM, FOI, Saab, Volvo Aero, LiU, KTH, Chalmers, HV, SAI and Teknikföretagen.

A PDF version of the research agenda can be downloaded from the project website below.