ProViking result day 2009

The annual result day for ProViking was this year held at Aspenäs Manor outside Gothenburg, where 15 projects presented their results. ProViking is a national research program designed to create improved systems of production and new methods of product development. From Luleå University of Technology three projects participated; THINK, ProAct and InMaint.

PhD students; Anna Karlsson – Sandvik Coromant, Peter Thor – Volvo Aero och Johan Wenngren – LTU
The presentations took place in showcases constructed by Thomas De Ming’s Flowroom, http://www.thomasdeming.se/flowroom.php, a sort of modular system made up of cardboard that can be adapted to various uses. The THINK project presented their work in the form of a mini-workshop where the audience was involved and tried to find solutions to common problems. The theme of the day was “Moving from cost-based competition to innovative value based offerings” where the audience got a glimpse of Product-service system and what it means for the engineering groups. As facilitators for the presentation three of the PhD students were on site, Anna Karlsson – Sandvik Coromant, Peter Thor – Volvo Aero and Johan Wenngren – LTU, and project managers Tobias Larsson and Åsa Ericson. To let the audience participate in the presentation turned out to be a good way to convey a message but also so that the project members learned about the way people from other companies and universities look at the project.

As an endpoint for the day, the 100 participants formed groups to seek synergies between the projects.