METOPIA – METhodology for OPtimization, Integration and Automatization | 2009-2011

National Aviation Engineering Research Programme


This project, Mechanical whole engine conceptual design and analysis:  A MEthodology for OPtimization, Integration and Automation, is a continuation of the pilot study project NFFP4202 – Mechanical whole engine modelling where a platform, together with a pilot that demonstrated the capability of the platform in an industrial scenario, was developed. This continuation project focuses on the development of the existing platform to incorporate optimization technology and simulation driven design methodology that through the product definition (jet engine components) enables balancing of more functional requirements (e.g. structural dynamics, aero dynamics and thermo dynamics) for effective analysis of whole engine concepts. The result is a methodology including systems approach, model implementation, model architecture together with analyses, which is applied on a realistic scenario through a pilot (demonstrator).


Project Leader: Patrik Boart, Volvo Aero
Staff FPD: Marcus Sandberg, Functional Product Development
Michael Kokkolaras, The University of Michigan
Tobias Larsson, Functional Product  Development
Mats Oldenburg, Solid Mechanics
Jan-Olov Aidanpää, Solid Mechanics
Lars-Erik Lindgren, Materlal Mechanics
Type: Research
Key research area: Dynamics
Functional Products
Knowledge Enabled Engineering
Material Mechanics
Simulation Driven Design
Solid Mechanics
Application area: Aeronautics and Space
Time frame: 2009-2011
Funding: 4.4 MSEK
Partners: VINNOVA
Volvo Aero