VINNOVA Vehicle Development FFI

2009-2012 (ongoing)


New environmentally friendly, and safer, vehicles require lighter and stronger materials, something that requires developments in production technologies and processes. New ideas for knowledge automation and reuse enables better usage of machine data during the production process. The new concepts and methodologies will be developed and tested in industrial case studies


Role: Project leader, main applicant, chairman of steering board
Type: Research
Application area: Manufacturing, vehicle development
Time frame: 2009-2012
Funding: 20 MSEK (10 MSEK from VINNOVA FFI)
Research units: Luleå University of Technology, KTH, University West
Partners: Scania, Volvo, LEAX, Coor Service Management, Deckel Maho, ETP Transmission, Microna, Saab Automobile, Sandvik Coromant, SMT Swedturn, Spirex Tools, System 3R International.