2009-2011 (finalized)


Benefits of new technology are not just for bigger enterprises!

Is Your company productive and competitive? Even in the future competition?Against new actors and technology? Or might there be things You could do more efficient with new tools! What? How? How to find out?

These type of questions are the main focus in our development project Digital Integrated Manufacturing, DIM. The project is targeted to small and medium size manufacturing companies stationed within the Interreg IV A Nord area (see the red area in the map). Researh and development work within DIM is done by specialists from Central Osterbotnia University of applied sciences, Luleå University of Technology and Narvik University College.

We are convinced that tools like CAD-, CAM-, CNC-, FEM- and ERP, together with proper skills and  equipment, offer many possibilities for SME-companies.

That is why we work together to:

  • Analyze the current situation in the smaller companies in the target area. Find the most appropriate technology and digital solutions and demonstrate examples and solutions with applications in practice. The goal of this work is to gather, refine and spread information and knowledge for SME’s to strengthen their competitiveness against hardening competition.


Role: Project leader, main applicant, chairman of steering board
Type: Collaboration/dissemination
Application area: Manufacturing
Time frame: 2009-2011
Funding: 6 MSEK
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology
Partners: Centria, Hogskolen i Narvik