Professor Tobias C. Larsson held keynote in Tokyo

Professor Tobias C. Larsson was invited to hold a keynote speech at the SPRING (Service PRoductivity Innovation for Growth) seminar, held in conjunction with the CIRP conference, and Product-Service Systems workshop in Tokyo in May

 The Product-Service Systems related keynote was entitled “Knowledge engineering and simulation support for product service system development” and address the research made by the PSS/FPD research group at LTU within the Faste Laboratory and the Division of Functional Product Development.

Keynotes were held by:

  • Professor Horst Meier (Germany)
    • Industrial Product Service Systems
  • Professor Tobias C. Larsson (Sweden)
    • Knowledge engineering for product-service systems innovation
  • Professor Tim Mcaloone (Denmark)
    • A domain-oriented view on product/service-systems

Besides the keynotes, case presentations and industrial reflections were displayed from Japanese companies and organisations.

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