Participatory Product Innovation – P2I | 2007-2008

Participatory Product Innovation - P2IShaping the Future of Global Design Research and Higher Education together with Stanford University

2007-2008 (finalized)


The overall aim of this framework is to decrease the negative impact of geographic distance on product development efforts and to further enhance current advantages of worldwide, multidisciplinary collaboration. The framework uses a three-layered approach to the advancement of global collaboration; with product development, design education, and design research in dynamic and synergetic interaction. The initiative builds heavily upon our organizations’ common interest in supporting collaborative design teams, and upon our recent efforts to reform design education in our universities – the d.school at Stanford, and the master programme in Product Development Luleå. The Faste Laboratory at Luleå University of Technology will be fundamental to the P²I project since its focus on product development is highly relevant in order to successfully address issues of global product development.

The project intends to:

  1. Develop product innovation processes that are more attentive to prospective user needs and that consider users as active participants in the development of innovative products.
  2. Develop global collaborative research projects that seek to better understand how the ever-increasing globalization affects product development practices in industry, and how such global design practice can be better supported through the deployment of collaborative technologies.
  3. Develop new educational frameworks that are better tuned to the requirements of such global product development companies, and which closely relates to the goal of successfully bringing together multidisciplinary teams across functional and geographical borders.


Role: Co-applicant and researcher
Type: Research and education
Keywords: Needfinding, Product Development, Team Based Innovation
Application area: Manufacturing industry
Time frame: 2007-2008
Funding: 3 MSEK
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology
Partners: Kempe Foundations, Faste Laboratory (VINNOVA), PIEp (VINNOVA), Stanford University (Center for Design Research)


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