2007-2009 (finalized)


When it comes to mechanical properties, the continuous drive to reduce the weight that the engine system needs to be optimized even from a mechanical perspective. Companies with a main role to develop engine components and sub-systems hence need the capacity and knowledge to perform the engineering work that so far been done by the system integrator.

A model based approach is preferred and integration between different CAE tools and methodology for how to coordinate the modelling and simulation environment is an important part to make the approach work.

The purpose is to develop the ability to understand, model and simulate behaviour  of new and existing engine configurations from a mechanical perspective. A very important part of the project is to analyze how the components work together and how this affects the final mechanical performance of the engine.


Role: Project applicant and supervisor
Type: Research
Keywords: Dynamics, Functional Products, Knowledge Enabled Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Material Mechanics
Application area: Aeronautics and Space
Time frame: 2007-2009
Funding: 4 MSEK
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology
Partners: Volvo Aero ABVINNOVA


  • A master-model approach to whole jet engine analysis and design optimization