Functional Jet Engine ComponentsNational Aviation Engineering Research Programme
Project: NFFP490 – Functional Jet Engine Components

2003-2007 (finalized)


When selling a product today it contains much more than just hardware. Without a service part the product would be of no value for the customer. To be able to evaluate and choose the best concept the overall package need to be reconsidered. The aim for this project is to develop a methodology that reconsider both hardware and service in the conceptual phase of jet engine components.


Role: Supervisor for PhD candidate
Type: Industrial PhD student project
Keywords: Product/Service Systems, Functional Product Development,  Knowledge Enabled Engineering, Knowledge Based Engineering, Product Development
Application area: Aeronautics and Space
Time frame: 2003-2007
Funding: 6.4 MSEK
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology
Partners: VINNOVAVolvo Aero AB


  • Knowledge enabled pre-processing for structural analysis
  • Multidisciplinary design tool for conceptual design and evaluation
  • Functional product life-cycle simulation model for cost estimation in conceptual design of jet engine components
  • Enabling variation of manufacturing process parameters in early stages of product development
  • Life cycle simulation support for functional products
  • The enabling of product information in the conceptual phase
  • Information driven collaborative engineering : enabling functional product innovation
  • The design of functional (total care) products