FLUD – Swedish Green Engine Demonstrator | 2006-2010

FLUD – Swedish Green Engine Demonstrator


New materials and design solutions shall make future aircraft engines more environmentally friendly. VINNOVA, together with Volvo Aero invests 126 million SEK in a national program to develop lightweight and fuel efficient engines. During the period 2000 to 2020 aerospace need to halve their carbon emissions. The industry has agreed on this. One way to reduce emissions is to reduce the weight of the engines since the smaller the weight of the plane, the less fuel needed to keep it in the air. In order to get the engines lighter both smart design solutions but also new material not used in engines today, along with new ways of working for development, are needed.


Project Leader: Andreas Larsson, Functional Product  Development
Staff FPD: Tobias Larsson, Functional Product  Development
Type: Research
Key research area: Functional Product Development
Product Service System
Knowledge Enabled Engineering
Application area: Aeronautics and Space
Time frame: 2006-2010
Funding: 126 MSEK
Partners: VINNOVA
Volvo Aero AB

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