CASTTCentre for Automotive Systems Technologies and Testing

2005-2010 (finalized)


Through the Center for Automotive Systems Technologies and Testing, Luleå University of Technology aims to first of all support automotive winter testing in Northern Sweden. This means to support the local automotive test entrepreneurs and through them their customers: the car manufacturers and their suppliers.

To succeed in this task, the center relies on the university’s areas of leading research and most importantly on the cooperation between those areas.

Research has been done in two projects;

    • This project explores new ways of using vehicle dynamics during winter testing. The goal is new or developed services for service providers thus make testing more effective for the automotive industry. Tests have been performed with the developed and proposed framework for distributed vehicle testing. A Java-based visualization client has been developed for DEMO purposes that present data in a rich 3D environment, thus enabling non-experts to understand the dynamic behavior of complex vehicle systems and present data in various ways. In the project we would also like to explore how driver models, Automated Steering Controller, vehicle dynamics, GPS technologies and Fleet Management can enable standardized, safe and productive test processes. We believe that the future of vehicle testing will be standardized with more testing done by the service provider. This is why tools and methods need to be developed to meet this future.
    • The research is about scanning the road and its immediate environment in 3-D producing a point cloud representation of it. Each point will get coordinates in a suitable coordinate system to generate a point cloud. The road topography can be generated from the point cloud and it will be used as input to vehicle simulations in real-time in order to enable fast-acting damping control, warning systems, vehicle control systems and even automatic collision avoidance systems. Using the measured road topography, new smart algorithms for dynamic calculations can be developed with the use of co-simulation between Matlab/Simulink and MCS.ADAMS/Car. This will be done building on the foundation of “Distributed Validation of multi-body dynamics and control systems for automotive applications”


Role: Project applicant, leader and supervisor
Type: Research & PhD candidate project
Keywords: Distributed Collaborative Engineering, Simulation Driven Design, Engineering Design
Application area: Automotive
Time frame: 2005-2010
Funding: 7 MSEK
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology


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