2005-2007 (finalized)


Needfinding and innovation are the keywords of NeedInn.

The goal for NeedInn is to create a method, a working process, which contributes to a need centered product development process within e-health. To make this happen we need to develop a way to find the needs and to make them more clearly for users and solution providers.


Role: Project leader and main applicant
Type: Research and development
Keywords: E-health, Engineering Design, Needfinding, Product Development
Application area: Healthcare
Time frame: 2005-2007
Funding: 5.3 MSEK
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology
Partners: Alkit Communications, EU, Luleå Kommun, Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten, Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten, Skellefteå Kommun



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