VIVACEValue Improvement through a Virtual Aeronautical Collaborative Enterprise.
An EU FP6 Integrated Project.

2004-2007 (finalized)


VIVACE is an Aeronautical Collaborative Design Environment with associated Processes, Models and Methods. This environment will help to design an aircraft and its engines as a whole, providing to the aeronautics supply chain in an extended enterprise, virtual products with all requested functionality and components in each phase of the product engineering life cycle


Role: Project applicant, leader and supervisor
Type: Research
Keywords: Distributed Collaborative Work, Engineering Design, Functional Product Development, Knowledge Enabled Engineering, Knowledge Based Engineering, Product Development, Team Based Collaboration
Application area: Aeronautics and Space
Time frame: 2004-2007
Funding: €70M (24 MSEK Luleå part)
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology
Partners: 63 partners within aerospace



  • Knowledge enabled engineering – knowledge lifecycle approach
  • A methodology for KEE systems target cascading
  • Pilot specifications definition guidelines for the implementation of a KEE solution in the aeronautical domain
  • Gated maturity assessment : supporting gate review decision documents with maturity of knowledge assessment
  • Concept automation and decision support in a functional product development perspective
  • Supporting decision making with agent-based modelling and simulation
  • Rethinking virtual teams for streamlined development
  • PLM paradigm : how to lead BPR within product development field