Design for Fabrication

VINNOVA programme “Effective Product Development”

2002-2005 (finalized)


The conceptual design phase is the perhaps most important phase, determining most functions and cost of the forthcoming product. Knowing that the concepts to a large extend also sets the manufacturing conditions; it is critical to take manufacturing process information into account in earliest possible stages.

This project aims at providing the engineering platform for conceptual design, enabling the manufacturing properties to be properly evaluated early on. This engineering platform is the natural environment where specific engineering methods can be integrated. Main focus is to represent the manufacturing process to a level where product and life cycle cost properties can be made available to the conceptual design team.

The scope of the research is to enable the evaluation of manufacturing process information in conceptual design by means of Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) and Engineering Design methods.


Role: Project leader, main applicant, phd candidate supervisor
Type: Research
Keywords: Product/Service Systems, Functional Product Development,  Knowledge Enabled Engineering, Knowledge Based Engineering, Product Development
Application area: Aeronautics and Space, Automotive
Time frame: 20020801-20050801
Funding: 6 MSEK
Research unit: Luleå University of Technology
PartnersVINNOVAVolvo Aero ABSAAB Automobile, Q-Company (Norway)