Highspeed train simulation (X2000)

During the course of the work at Luleå University of Technology I did lots of work in the area of high speed train current collector systems together with my colleagues. My PhD thesis had work and papers from this fascinating area. Below are some videos and images from this work that was carried out in collaboration with Banverket and Schunk Nordiska AB (working with the Ravelli brothers).

The research was performed via two projects:

Effective Development of Dynamic Systems Built as Modular Designs
This project aim at clarifying and improving the methodology and task process of advanced dynamic mechanical system simulation in the product development process. The approach is to identify problems when structuring models for multibody dynamics simulation (MBS) and applying experiences from developed methods for product structuring in general to the process of mechanical system simulation. The work is performed in co-operation with industry and tested on real cases and results are implemented continuously in the co-operating companies.

Methods and Tools for Dynamic Analysis of Pantograph/Catenary Systems
The capability of a current collection system depends on an interaction between locomotive, pantograph and catenary system. When developing such systems, it is important to have the ability to predict the dynamic performance of the system. These types of systems have been analyzed by several engineers during the last decades. Depending on factors such as the actual configuration of the systems, available information, desired accuracy of simulation results, simulation methods etc. different types of models are applicable.

One of the highlights was to work with Professor Thomas Kane (Stanford University) who visited us in Luleå for some time. Also Professor Steven Eppinger came to visit…

Professor Thomas Kane and spouse at Storforsen.
Professor Thomas Kane and spouse at Storforsen.
Pantograph current collector for X2000 high speed train
Pantograph current collector for X2000 high speed train

X2000 WBL88/X2 pantograph design

Scaled down pantograph/catenary experiment

Simulation and animation of scaled down pantograph/catenary experiment

A high speed X2000 train pass in the study of pantograph/catenary interaction

Simulation and animation of high speed X2000 train pass in the study of catenary interaction

Simulation of the dynamics of X2000 high speed train pantograph current collector

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