Research paper published in Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Research into Design, ICoRD’11.


University research is demanded to be more need-driven and user- centred in order to address and solve problems and needs of the market. In the present study a group of athletes and coaches has been analysed on their lead user characteristics. Some of the lead users have contributed with advanced user insights and aid in trend foresight in this sport. In a combined qualitative and quantitative approach the value of lead users in sports technology was examined and five users were identified as lead users. In consistence with previous research the results indicate that involving lead users will foster superior insight and research.


  • Lead user, sports technology, innovation management, need driven, new products


  • Sturm, D., V. Parida, T. Larsson, O. Isaksson (2011). Design of user-centred wireless sensor technology in sports – an empirical study of elite kayak athletes. 3rd International Conference on Research into Design, ICoRD’11, No 3,  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, January 10-12, 2011.
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