Research paper published in Conference: IPS2 – CIRP Industrial Product-Service Systems Conference 2009.


In Sweden, manufacturers have a growing need to extend the control of their products in the supply chain. This need is fulfilled by some manufacturers through the use of a product/service system business approach. This paper explores how a group of Swedish manufacturers, working together with academia, have started a workshop series where the most important and topical issues for their integrated product/service offering approaches are dealt with. The large company network studied in this paper faces many challenges in order to achieve a good product/service system business. Much of these challenges are related to changing different peoples’’ mindset whether it is within the company and/or with external companies and customers. Having a learning network approach of dealing with these challenges has so far been perceived as a good manner of tackling the questions raised within the product/service system providing companies.


  • PSS, Integrated Product Service Engineering (IPSE), IPS2, Life-cycle thinking, Learning networks


  • Sundin, E., G. Ölundh Sandström, A. Öhrwall Rönnbäck, T. Sakao, T. Larsson (2009). Challenges for Industrial Product/Service Systems – Experiences from a learning network of large companies, Conference: IPS2 – CIRP Industrial Product-Service Systems Conference 2009, Cranfield, United Kingdom, April 1, 2009 – April 2, 2009.

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